Nick Jr. App Reviews

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Love it!!!!

Got this app as an Editors Choice pick & couldnt be happier! Finally a way for my kids to watch Nick Jr. Shows for free! Love the format, love the selection, simply love this app!!! I havent had any problems with it. It seems to be working perfectly. Finally a Nick Jr. app that doesnt charge a monthly subscription... Thank You! Its about time!


Never works always crashes.

Crashes on open every time

Tried deleting and redownloading as well.

Needs to

Theres some issues with the app, it kicks out once it finishes loading. Please fix the bugs!

Fix it !

Crashing will not open wth this is the only app my son actually likes please fix it sooner then later ! Other then that this is our go to app love it !

Wont open anymore

My daughter loves this app, but it stopped working and only crashes.


It was working fine but not it keeps kicking out and not even open. Please help me with this glitch!

Fix the bugs

Keeps crashing the last two days. Please fix ASAP!

App crash

Latest version is crashing at the intro page

Way too much memory

Not sure what takes up so much memory but this was at 7.7GB of storage. Deleted and reinstalled. Not sure what my children did to get it that high but there NEEDS to be an area to uninstall whatever gets installed within the app itself to save on storage

Crash issues fixed

If it crashes delete the app and reinstall . Great app for kids

Needs the chromecast extension

The chromecast extension is key. Lets get on it Nick!

Chrome cast

The newest update needs chromecast compatibility!

Fix AirPlay

I can get it to AirPlay but only as long as the iPad stays on. If the iPad turns off or you switch apps, AirPlay stops. Also, would prefer a list of available shows rather than tiles.

Cool app but crashes frequently

Cool app but crashes all the time causing toddler meltdowns. Need them to make an update.

Doesnt work period.

It is a horrible app.

Great potential, stop making me login to my provider!

This app is great, it has a lot of potential. My kids love it. The problem is that I have to login with my Verizon account to unlock most of the content. This wouldnt be a problem if it was every 3-4 months, but we have to unlock the content every 2-3 weeks. This is annoying because I have many passwords ot remember, and remembering my provider password (Verizon in my case) is not high on my priority list. I would give this app 5 stars if Nick Jr would change the frequency of provider login.

Remove long ads before watching a video

My baby loves the app but since last week she has to watch a 30 second ad every time she wants to watch a full episode before we didnt have to she could switch with no problems causing problems for her.. Doesnt like no more need fix asap or add sub

AppleTV version: where is universal search support?

Great app other than that universal search support on appletv is long overdue. Is that coming soon?

Ad free

Why have you started playing ads?!? My toddler freaks as soon as the ad for shimmer and shine plays. She gets her phone time for good behavior and going potty and now she hates the app. Big let down.

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